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  • The Complete Passover Cookbook

The Complete Passover Cookbook

Delectable recipes - Strictly kosher for Passover and the year round
Autor: Frances Avrutick
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In 19 chapters, spiced with history and laced with lore, the author shows howto make every Passover dish a succulent delight--from tempting hors d'oeuvresto elegant main dishes to luscious desserts and pastries.

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Passover cuisine is no longer limited to the traditional dishes known to our parents and grandparents. In this classic, containing more than 500 clearly written recipes, Frances AvRutick shows us how to make every Passover dish a succulent delight. In nineteen chapters spiced with history, laced with lore, and garnished with cooking suggestions, you will find everything from traditional holiday preparations (try the Russian borsht and light-as-a-feather knaidlach) to modern-day originals (matzo-spinach pie, elegant stuffed drumsticks, matzo meal polenta—to name a few). The Complete Passover Cookbook will help you prepare the kind of Passover you never dreamed possible.

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