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  • The Second Jewish Book of Why

The Second Jewish Book of Why

Autor: Alfred J. Kolatch
Editora: Importado
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In The Jewish Book of Why, Rabbi Alfred J. Kolatch addresses hundreds of fundamental questions frequently asked about Jewish life and practice.
In this sequel volume, he delves more deeply into the subject matter touched upon in that best-selling work and goes on to explore more complex and controversial subjects, including abortion, homosexuality, birth control, artificial insemination, organ transplants, smoking, proselytizing, intermarriage, Jewish-Christian relations, and the changing role of women in Jewish life.

Recognizing the importance of our understanding how Jewish law developed and how legal authorities arrived at their decisions, Rabbi Kolatch opens The Second Jewish Book of Why with an overview of Jewish legal development from biblical times to the present.
He introduces us to the major interpreters of Jewish law, explores the relationship between law and custom, and explains the basic principles upon which much of Jewish practice is based.

Following the same concise question-answer format he established in The Jewish Book of Why and the straightforward writing style for which he is renowned, Rabbi Kolatch addresses all questions without judgment or bias, presenting the beliefs and practices of all denominations.
Featuring notes and a detailed index covering both of the Why volumes, The Second Jewish Book of Why is essential for anyone seeking an understanding of the Jewish heritage.

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