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  • International Cooking for the Kosher Home

International Cooking for the Kosher Home

Autor: Betty S. Goldberg
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The author of Chinese Kosher Cooking here turns her attention to international cuisine, offering recipes from France, Mexico, Hungary, Spain, Russia, Morocco, and a score of other countries. She has carefully chosen the tastiest, most appealing dishes and adapted them for the kosher home while still preserving their authenticity.

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In a carefully prepared and often enticing collection, the author of Chinese Kosher Cooking adapts international dishes to the American palate and to kosher dietary restrictions. Veal (instead of pork) scrapple, chicken Kiev stuffed with pareve margarine seasoned with parsley and dill, and seafood-free paella are typical of recipes avoiding prohibited foods or food combinations. Cooks following kosher guidelines who want to try some new flavors will find much to enjoy in the recipes and in the discussions opening each chapter.

From Europe there is cottage cheese "strudel," cream of mushroom soup and broccoli with garlic sauce. Basted herb-and-spice chicken, duck in pomegranate sauce, and nut rolls in honey syrup originate in the Middle East. Asia and the Pacific Islands contribute spicy vegetable fritters, fish marinated in lime and macadamia-nut pie, while the Americas offer fried tortillas with cheese, salmon with cream dressing and hot blueberry pudding. Illustrated.

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